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Please note this disclaimer:

These tutors should have been cleared through PPS. Do ask. Get very specific about your needs, goals and what it will cost. Think carefully if you need a math tutor or an academic coach. A lot of skills learnt from a coach work very well in the classroom for every subject including, and perhaps more especially, for math.

I have not had personal contact with most of these people. Please let me know of your experiences with any of these tutors, good and bad. If you know of a good tutor, and they are ok with it, please let me add them to this list.

Walk in tutoring at Lincoln, no appointment necessary.

Tutor List

LHS STEMS peer student tutoring. for tutoring times

Ari Gertzen: Math. Ari is a Lincoln graduate!

Sarah Weinstein: Math and Physics.
541 971 3936;

Matt Pigg: Math.
503 504 0639;

Andrew Vandervelde: Math.

Drew Laiche: Math.
541 514 7234; web:;

Peter Albert: Mathematics, Statistics, Test Prep, and Economics.
503 473 6064
Mostly works with PSU students, though will take High School Students.

Linda Lovett: Math.
503 289 2027;

Terry Burch: Math.
503 927 1378; web:>

Vic Moser: Math.
805 338 9022; email:

Tom Helinski: Mathematics and Physics.

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